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Gibson Gammon Estate Agents

The family name is still visible in the town! On Dragon Street is a branch of Gibson Gammon Estate Agents. According to their website they are "Independent Estate and Letting Agents in South and East Hampshire and West Sussex". We know that the family were also involved in management of estates, so maybe the family are still involved and this is the descendent of a former Gammon business? Something to be followed up.... (though this particular relative is not a huge fan of the estate agent breed!)

Incidentally - of other currently Gammon-named businesses in this part of the world. We have found there is also another independent chain of estate agents in south west Surrey and north east Hampshire known as Clarke Gammon Wellers, co- founded in 1919 by surveyor Frank Gammon. There is also a Gammons Ltd, Drapers, in High Street, Cobham. Maybe co-incidences, maybe not? Given the size of the family we have to have lots of distant relatives out there.


Reg Gammon, one of Andrew Gammon's grandsons (son of William, half-cousin of Percy Reginald) was born in Petersfield in 1894. He became an eminent writer, illustrator and watercolour artist - exhibited at the Royal Academy, etc - and has had a biography written about him. This book contains a few references to Andrew Gammon, the family in Petersfield and their businesses. Most interesting is the revelation that the family's enthusiasm for bicycles goes back further generations than our living memory. Below is a wonderful photograph from the book (copyright not cleared but this is family after all!) of the Petersfield Cycling Club in 1886, which includes Reg Gammon's father, William. Despite the grainy quality of the picture any Gammon ought to be able to pick out William from the strong family likeness!

(Hint if you are really struggling - the family had money, hence could afford the most modern bicycle.)

Reg Gammon biography
Petersfield Cycling Club 1886


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