Gammon Family History


Coal Merchants, Charles Street
2 Charles Street

We have addresses of 2 and 3 Charles Street for the family. Above, the corner shop, is 2 Charles Street. It is conceivable that this was the office for the Coal Merchant's business, the coal yard being part of the LSWR/SR goods yard (long since closed) on the up side of Petersfield Station. (For the railway station, walk along Charles Street - going right in the above photo - and turn left at the end of the road !) Around the turn of the 19th to 20th Century the coal business was being run by Ezra's half-brother William.

3 Charles Street needs a return visit to resolve. The substantial plot immediately opposite is now occupied by the BT Telephone Exchange and our thought whilst there was that this is where no.3 originally was. However, a subsequent look at a map from around 1900 reveals that this land did not have any dwellings on it. It is therefore possible that no.3 was/is further up the street.

We also have a reference - not in the 1908 Business Directory entry, though it may be covered by the "&c" - to the family running a Forge business in the town. Funnily enough today, on the corner of The Spain and Swan Street directly opposite 2 Charles Street, is the Petersfield Forge! Whether this is the site of the Gammon Forge or a more recent development has yet to be determined.

Forge on the corner of Swan Street and The Spain


Petersfield Cemetery, off Ramshill

On the recommendation of the Curator of the Petersfield Museum, but with absolutely no research, we went to the Petersfield Cemetery hoping we might be able to find family graves. (From attempting to do this with the Duff family we know that even with some research this can be a time-consuming and often non-productive task.) Based on the family's status in the 19th century and fact we knew they worshipped at the Independent Chapel, this time we quickly found a large family grave plot in the Non-Conformist section of the cemetery, only a few footsteps from the Non-Conformist chapel. Which ably demonstrates that money and status leaves traces! Unfortunately we found all family plots and memorials to be in poor condition.

To the right is the head memorial of Andrew Gammon and below, in the foreground, only part of the large family plot. The most recent memorial -we suspect resulting from scattering of ashes - on this plot is from 1996. Sight of the current electoral role for Petersfield reveals a significant number of Gammons in the area, the balance of probability being they are distant relatives.


Headstone of Andrew Gammon
part of the Family's Plot


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