Gammon Family History

This is an attempt at a family tree from 1801 within the limited confines of what can be displayed clearly on an internet page without resorting to a very large graphics file. The direct line of descent is in bold.


born 1801 Hawkley, builder, married Mary Shawyer, died 1866 Petersfield


children of
born c1831
born 04/09/1833,
builder & decorator,
married Charlotte James (CJ) Petersfield 23/04/1859,
also married Emily Brown (EB), also married Alice Holder,
died Petersfield 13/07/1916

born c1836

born c1838


children of
Ezra James (CJ), travelling draper, born 02/01/1860 Liss, married Jane Woolley 01/11/1887 Huntingdon, died 13/08/1945 Kingston, buried St Mary's Long Ditton grave 543
Thomas (CJ),
born c1861
Lottie (Charlotte?) (CJ), born c1863
William (EB),
born c1868
Ernest (EB),
born c1869
Emily (EB) ,
born c1871
Louise (EB),
born c1871
Albert (EB),
born c1874
Charles (EB),
born c1876
Augusta (EB),
born c1878


children of
Albert James,
born 19/04/1892,
died 21/08/1892
Arthur James,
born 11/01/1894 Kingston,
died 09/03 /1905
stillborn girl,
Ernest Cecil,
born 25/02/1894 Twickenham
Edgar Lionel,
born 21/03/1897
died 27/08/1897
Percy Reginald,
born 07/10/1898 Kingston,
married Emily Sophia Deane,
died 31/1/1977
Long Ditton
born 13/10/1901 Kingston
Charles Lennard,
born 04/02/1905
Albert Francis,
born 11/06/1907,
died 12/01/1909
Alfred Cedric,
born 11/11/1909
born 09/07/1914


children of
Joan Kathleen,
born 01/11/1927 Thames Ditton,
died 09/01/2007 Kingston
John Edward,
born 30/03/1929
Thames Ditton,
died 05/03/1992
born 17/06/1931
Long Ditton,
died 07/01/1990

Gerald Peter,
born 24/05/1934
Long Ditton,
died 15/02/2010

David Leslie,
born 18/08/1936
Long Ditton,
died 12/03/1984
Thames Ditton(?)
born 20/06/1938
Long Ditton,
died 13/01/1944
Long Ditton


notes on Thomas Gammon:
Hawkley, Hampshire, is north of Petersfield, west of Liss. When he died his estate was large enought to go through Probate (1866 Winchester Court of Probate, folio 481), which in those times resulted from real wealth, not merely owning a small house in the south east of England! The will, which was proved on 4th May 1866, reveals that his eldest son Andrew was the executor and who also inherited the family land. The will does not state how much money was left but the will was "proved" for a sum under £450. This is not a fortune even by today's standards, being roughly equivalent to (according to the National Archives Currency Converter) £21,000.

notes on Andrew Gammon:
He married Charlotte James at Petersfield Independent Chapel.
He married Emily H. Brown at Chertsey Independent Chapel.
Charlotte and Emily died. There were not long periods between Andrew's marriages.
Reg Gammon's biography claims that Alice Holder, a prominent member of the Congregational Chapel, was also being pursued by Andrew's son William. It is nice to know that experience (and money) can win over callow youth! Around this time another prominent family in Petersfield described the young Gammons as being "a bad lot"!

notes on Ezra James Gammon:
He married Jane Woolley at Huntingdon Particular Baptist Chapel. Jane was born in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire. Her father was a shoemaker.
In the 1881 census he is recorded as living in West Street Havant, working as a shopman.
In the 1891 census he is recorded as living in London Street (Road?) Kingston-upon-Thames. In this census Jane is recorded as being born in Godmanchester.
In the 1901 census he is recorded as living at Rothsay, Sandy Lane, Hampton Wick, with two live-in servants - a nurse and a cook.
At times he is referred to by his second name.
In the 1901 census his (second) son Arthur James is noted as being an "imbecile".

Aural tradition has it that between 1901 and 1911 Ezra's drapery business in Kingston (49 & 51 Clarence Street) - listed in the 1915 Bennett's Business Directory Southern Counties under "Hatters and Hosiers" (but note in the 1911 Census Ezra records his occupation as a Boot Repairer) - suffered competing with the much larger Bentall family emporium (25, 27, 29, 31, 35, 37, 39, 41 & 43 Clarence Street). He went out of business and drank away the remainder of the family wealth. We know what subsequently happened to the Bentall family.....! It is believed that some of Ezra's children, but not Percy and Alfred (Fred), then went to work for the Gammons Department Store chain, founded by one of Ezra's half-cousins. This was a chain of small department stores located (amongst other places) at Guildford, Woking, Cobham and Cranleigh in Surrey and Cranbrook in Kent. The business was bought out by the Debenham Group in the 1960s(?).


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